Brain Lapse. A fanzine for the fan scene. 84 pages crammed with content!! Oozing with all kinds of crazy junk. It'll put the Fruity in your Pebbles® and the "we are" in "the world." Featuring contributors from Canada, the UK and the USA!! Fans linking hands across our once divided nations! Yeah, mind melting stuff, man!! All glossy!!! Full color!!! 499 copies total! See it. Feel it. Touch it. Heal it. $11.99 USD
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Exclusive interviews with Eddy Grant of The Equals, Dave and Howard Bowler of Marbles, Scott Krueger and Bob Wren of The Orbits, and Tom Sorrells and Mark Prellberg behind Titan Records! Totally fun to flip through at parties/orgies or just staying home on your throne!!
Over 75 fanzines, books, videos, 45s and LPs reviewed! A glut of teen band coverage!! French Punk releases circa '72 to '82 gone through the wringer!! Yuppers, even if you don’t like to (or can’t) read (English) you still have plenty to drool (dribble) over!!!
Special features abound!!! Bomp! bomped!! A walk through the “history” and entire discography of Japan’s Seventies sensation Carol!! A kooky cartoon, a magic castle fan club, a centerfold featuring classic porn and much, much MORE!!!!!! Can be Scotch© taped to your TV/PC screens!

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